As a business owner, you know the benefit a clear focus can bring.

Free Teleclass with Andrea J. Lee and Jessica K. Petrick

"Finding your Pink Spoon by discovering your niche,
finding solutions and generating traffic"

Here is what you are going to learn on this call:

  • Learn the impact of developing your Pink Spoon – You're going to get an overview of exactly what steps are in Pink Spoon Marketing
  • Know how important it is to determine your flavor – You&39;re going to hear the importance of defining your
    niche market.

  • Get two scoops on how to get over buyer resistance
  • Find the important cherry on top of establishing relationships – Discover the ways to build the necessary trust between you and your market

Most of us are so busy we sign up for things and then don't attend. Imagine if we were able to take real action and follow through on just a percentage of these? Plus, as a special bonus, you'll get the access to my ecourse: Online Business Basics: 5 Keys to $$ in Your Pocket.

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We look forward to 'seeing' you on the call.  Here's to two scoops with your cherry on top!

Andrea & Jessica

"You will run into some people in your life that make you proud to represent your profession. Andrea Lee is one of those people for me - she is an insightful, smart, productive, collaborative and incredibly fun coaching maverick that has helped me shape a much-needed new direction for the profession. And to top it off, she is Canadian, which we all know makes her just a cut cooler than the rest of us. "

- Pam Slim,, Arizona, USA


"If you ever visited a website one day and tried to remember it the next day, then you've discovered how not following a Pink Spoon Marketing method makes online business owners lose sales. Let Andrea and Tina show you the way to save your sales, be an expert in your field and make more money online, just by following the Pink Spoon Marketing method."

- Sandra De Freitas,

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