Up and coming Small Business Owners deserve to understand (and take advantage of) the business model that multinational corporations use...

Google, iTunes and even Amazon are Using the Power of the FREE TASTE to Make More Money, More Quickly.

If you've ever bought something in an ice cream store...you've got what it takes to make Pink Spoon Marketing work for you.

As business coaches, we are big believers in the power of metaphor to understand complex things. In terms of building a business, over the years we've found it very useful to describe a thriving business in terms of a busy ice cream store.

So imagine for a moment it's a hot sunny day and you are in an ice cream store...

There are over 100 flavors here, and wow, so many of them look good. But how to make a decision on what to get??

Oh this is handy. 'Yes please' I'd like to try a little taste - no charge. Hmmm...how about that one, can I taste that one too? Hey these little pink spoon samples are terrific - I know exactly what I want. I'll have a scoop of this and a take-home carton of that.

You can create an experience much like the above for people who 'walk into YOUR store' and enable them to spend money with you in a happy way.

Wouldn't you find it rewarding if your customers found spending money with you could be painless and pleasurable, and wouldn't you agree it's much more likely they'll become repeat customers?

Pink Spoons lead to:

Increased Trust which leads to Loyal Customers which leads to Your Thriving Business

If you've been in business for any length of time you know that trust is the essential element that needs to be in place between you and your client. In fact, earning trust and being deserving of it is the noblest act a business owner can undertake! And creating a pink spoon business is one of the simplest and most direct ways for you to do that.

To be 100% clear, the term Pink Spoon Marketing is based on the tiny little utensil you get when you ask to taste a flavor before you buy it in the ice cream store. Sometimes the utensils are small wooden paddles, but one of our favorite ice cream stores uses Pink Spoons so we like to use that name for them.

What's more important than the name is the concept. Pink Spoon Marketing simply means giving away a small 'taste' of something you're selling, for free, and done right, can often earn you a paying client.

Great Pink Spoons have 5 main characteristics, regardless of what business you're in:

  • They are free.
  • They are compelling and truly sought after, something people would pay for but are delighted when they discover they don't have to.
  • They are small in size, a true sample, relative to what you are selling.
  • They are easy for the business owner to give away, usually because they don't cost too much and require no ongoing time investment to generate.
  • They are a natural lead-in to the core product or service you want to sell. The tighter the relationship between the pink spoon and your other offerings the better.

You'll Know Your Pink Spoon Is Successful When Multitudes
of People Want It and...You Sell More as a Result

In this business model, it becomes very clear that the more people who try your pink spoon, the more people will go ahead and purchase something. Take just a moment now to recall how many times you've responded to a form of Pink Spoon Marketing yourself. It happens nearly every day!

Haven't you ever found yourself in one or more of these classic Pink Spoon Marketing situations, and joyfully spending money as a result?

There are 8 Key Steps to Making Pink Spoon Marketing Work For You:

And because we like to walk our talk, here they are in plain view so you can try them on and decide if they resonate:

Step 1. Discover Your Niche Market.  This is also known as a group of people with common issues or concerns, that 'hang out' together.  Your niche market enables you to access 'invisible' pockets of clients using the pink spoon model...

Step 2. Elicit the Problems.  What is being experienced most vividly by this group of people..."What's keeping them awake at night?"  In this step your job is to listen CLOSELY to what the market is saying.

Step 3. Find the Solutions.  Once you've pinpointed the problems your niche market is experiencing, next, identify the solutions.  You can do this through a combination of your own knowledge and judicious research and surveying.

Step 4. Choose Your Products and Your Packaging.  According to your personal strengths and preferences, decide how you'll package your products and services.  Are you a verbal person? Do you like to write?  We'll show you how to repackage and repurpose so you get multiple products from one set of content. 

Step 5. Generate Traffic with Integrity. Learn low-tech, low-budget methods to generate traffic on the internet (techniques being taught elsewhere for thousands of dollars) or, put direct mail strategies into place for offline success. (Or both!)

Step 6. Continue to Convert Traffic into Prospects. Use the authentic relationship-building elements of intimacy, mystery, sensuality to deepen and strengthen the ties between you and your clients.  

Step 7. Strengthen the Trust Relationship. If you consistently and purposefully build the relationship with people in your the ice cream funnel model, the more accelerated your success will be in the other layers.

Step 8. Pursue a Bold, Outrageous, Provocative Position in your Niche Market.  Figure out what you believe in, and take a stand, working at all times on your authenticity and integrity.  Your business success IS a reflection of your personal mastery.  This is important and often skipped - if you commit to mastering this final step, we assure you, you'll be far ahead of many others who're after the same success you are...

By putting into play EACH of these critical elements for your business, you'll be following in the footsteps of the giant multinationals who seem to have it all.

Now You Know the Steps Themselves - Why Would You Need the 189-Page Workbook and 5 Audio CDs?

  • It provides a detailed step by step roadmap of the 8 steps that when faithfully followed, will result in a completed pink spoon or a new for-pay product
  • There are action items for each step of the process that make it clear exactly what you need to do next.
  • The blue print is 100% personalizable which means you will infuse it with your own thinking, wisdom and resources

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- Andy Wibbels, Author of BlogWild!


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