Option #1 | Ship It: 159-Page Workbook and Audio CDs

  • This contains over 150 pages & 7 hours of street smart 'How-to’s' for your small business
  • This is a detailed roadmap of the 8-steps that when faithfully followed, will result in a completed pink spoon or new for-pay product
  • Fill-in-the blank worksheets for each step of the journey
  • A 100% personalizable blueprint
  • Loads of examples, lessons learned and mistakes to avoid
Pay in Full (Includes $15 S&H)
Amount at checkout $212.00 USD
Payment Plan (Includes $15 S&H)
Number of payments 3
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At checkout$84.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 2)$69.00 USD
Total $222.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Option #2 | Turbocharge It: I Want 60-minutes of Expert Consultation with My Multimedia Home-Study Kit

Although everything you need is included in the Pink Spoon Marketing materials, it may be that you have a specific goal or timeframe in mind for implementing your learning. Being able to call on 60-minutes of expert help can give you peace of mind when you need it most, so we're happy to provide this option, at a deep discount from regular Consultation fees.

Shippable Version Plus 60 minutes $347 + shipping
$100 savings over the regular price of $197 plus $250 = $447

Email Version Plus 60 minutes $347
$100 savings over the regular price of $197 plus $250 = $447


We're sorry, but due to the service-nature of these last two options, we are not able to offer an installment payment option.  If you have questions or special requests about this, email us at support@wealthythoughtleader.com.

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