Change How You Do Business. Learn the Street Smart's & How-to's for Your Mulitple Streams of Income.

The Pink Spoon Mentorship Program has been designed to change how you approach your business. In this 8-week mentorship you will learn eight keys:

  • Key #1: Discover your niche market
  • Key #2: Elicit the problem
  • Key #3: Find the solutions
  • Key #4: Choose Your Products and Your Packaging
  • Key #5: Generate Traffic with Integrity
  • Key #6: Continue to Convert Traffic into Prospects
  • Key #7: Strengthen the Trust Relationship
  • Key #8: Pursue Your Position in Your Niche Market
After a coaching call with Andrea, I always have a hard time falling asleep at night because my brain is buzzing with ideas, action plans and the possibilities we are creating for my business!

– Sandra De Freitas,


And here is how it will unfold...

8 Core Business Building Themes

The core of the Pink Spoon Marketing Mentorship program is represented by 8 Keys to building your multiple streams business, starting with your own pink spoon. They represent the key areas an entreprenuer needs to Make Money & Meaning Sustainably! Each week covers a puzzle piece in a larger whole of Pink Spoon Marketing, and each week you will explore one focused theme.

Week 1 - How to determine your target market, elicit their problems & find the solutions

Week 2 - How to choose the right product & package

Week 3 - How to generate traffic with integrity, use social media & how to have an effective website

Week 4 - Live Group Q & A Call

Week 5 - How to convert that traffic to prospects & CLOSE the sale

Week 6 - How to strengthen prospect relationships

Week 7 - How to pursue a bold, outrageous, proactive position in your niche market

Week 8 - Strategy Session to put your plan into action


Additional benefits include:

1 Laser Coaching Strategy Session and 1 Live Q&A Call - These exclusive 60 minute calls will allow coaching on a topic of your choice. The Laser Coaching Strategy Session will allow for us to help you develop a game plan following our key topics. The live Q&A call will be the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the program and content calls.

MP3 Downloads for all calls - These will be made available immediately after each call for repeat listening and note taking, or catching up if you are unable to attend a call in person.

Pink Spoon Marketing Multimedia Kit includes: 189-page Workbook and 5 Audio CDs. This collection is not just information. It's information AND how to use it. This kit includes tools and checklists peppered throughout the pages and will go hand in hand with your coaching program. (Retail Value $197.00)



Yes Andrea! I'm ready to take the Pink Spoon Marketing
Journey with you!

Thanks for your interest in coaching with me, Andrea Lee, as an evolution of your work. I coach business owners to increase profits while working less, with a focus on leveraging the internet and developing unique intellectual property. By purchasing the Pink Spoon Marketing Coaching Program, I understand that it consists of 8 weeks of coaching sessions beginning June 28, 2011. If you are ready to do the work...register below.

Pay in Full $1,297

Early Mover Price $997 or 3 payments of $357